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We use only sustainable or reclaimed and submerged wood to save our planet.

All our reclaimed or wind damaged trees that lived for 300 and more years come from North part of Thailand.

Submerged trunks came from the local dams and stayed under water for decades.

Mostly we are dealing with very rare kinds of wood such as aged wild golden teak, Macassar ebony, Makha (kind of hard wood), Narra (Pradu) and local rose wood.



In our factory finishing is the most important part in furniture making. Most of the wooden furniture coming from Asia has very poor coating and finishing. We do more than 25 times of sanding using very fine sand paper for polishing.

Then we put at least 8 finishing coatings with sanding in between. We use wood stain, tung oil and water based epoxy resin for coating. The result is silky smooth surface with very warm natural pattern of the wood.

This process is called hand rubbed finishing because we do not use any machines but only hands.



Every item is a masterpiece. We spend weeks or even months drying, finishing and coating our dining and coffee tables. The result is a sense that wood gets its second life and looks warm like jade.


We specialize in extra long solid wood slabs

  • Dining Tables

  • Coffe Tables

  • Side Tables

  • Consoles From Tree Roots


We can do all kinds of custom made items. Such items include dining tables more then 160 inches length and root consoles over 200 inches length. Even petrified and semi petrified wood can be used in our furniture.


“Most reclaimed wood is old growth wood and was harvested at a time when the trees grew slowly. Slow growth means a tight, dense grain. Simply put, reclaimed woods offer superior quality and durability that you can’t find in today’s market.”

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